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Lane Etiquette - Awareness, Communication, Flexibility

Most problems come from overcrowding and swimmers not being in order by speed.
Switch places before the set according to speed
Leave 5 seconds apart. Go 3 secs apart if there are 7 or more people in the lane.
Stay at least a foot from the feet in front of you
Swim fast enough to keep swimmers behind you from backing up
Switch places at the end of a swim not in the middle
Know your pace
Some days you are faster or slower, especially if you add zoomers or paddles. Be flexible to change places in the lane or to change lanes.
Know your pace and compare before starting a set: "I think I will be doing about 1:27 pace, how about you?"
Understand the purpose of a set before changing the sendoff. Sometimes a longer rest is intended, such as for a sprint set. Or if you choose to do freestyle during a stroke set, keep the sendoff that is right for the stroke swimmers. Ask the coach.
If you are going to shorten the sendoff, ask permission of the slowest in the lane.
If only the lane leader can make the sendoff, they are in the wrong lane.
If the last person in the lane falls off the back and gets lapped more than once, they are in the wrong lane.
Make room for others
Make room at the turn. Turn on the cross or to the left of the cross, and push off toward the far lane line.
Swim all the way to the wall. At the end of a swim in the middle of a set, the first 5 people can swim all the way to the wall. There is room on the wall for 4 people. First person all the way over. Second and third on either side of the cross. Fourth person all the way over. Fifth person can touch and retreat to lane line.
At the end of a set, make room for swimmers behind you. Swim all the way to the wall, check your time, and immediately get out of the way to the left lane rope
Accidentally jumping in the water on top of someone is grounds for a fistfight.
Swim the whole workout. Remember you are a model for the people behind you.
Bail out of the workout early? Do it at the end of a set. Doing it in the middle of a set disrupts and confuses lane mates: Where did they go? Are they coming back? Should I leave a gap for them? Do I have time and energy to move up into their place? Where are the feet I was drafting off? There goes my model motivation.
If you are going to skip part of a set and get back in, go last, and back away from the feet in front of you. It is rude to pop in and out of the middle of a lane.
If a swim is long and the lane is crowded, someone might get lapped. The fast swimmer should tap the feet, and the tapped swimmer should move to the right and hang out on the right at the turn to let the fast swimmer or swimmers pass.

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