Carlsbad Masters Swimming

Zones/Regional Championship 2004
Long Beach

We had eight swimmers at the Zones/Regionals meet this past weekend in Long Beach. Over 20 team records were set and the men are close to breaking some longer standing San Diego records as well. Don Thornhill and Kerry Lutzger were troopers in coming up for just the relays and winning! The men's 200 and 400 free relays were incredibly exciting to watch. The men not only won their 160-199 division but the relays overall in those events. The men's 35-39 high point winner went down to the wire between Jeff and another speedy guy. Jeff prevailed in the eigth race to take home the title. In addition, to Jeff, Karen Sing, Jim Barton, Dieter Swank, John Abrami, and I all swam individual events with very respectable showings. As a team, we were in the top 10 on Saturday (out of nearly 40 teams). Look out, Carlsbad is back in action! You can check out results here.

Jim, Kirsten, Kerry, Peggy Dieter, Jeff Jeff, Jim, Don, Dieter Kirsten, Karen, Kerry John, Dieter Kirsten, Kerry, Peggy Karen, Kerry Jim Sunset at the pool Jeff, Jim, Don, Dieter Jeff, Jim, Don, Dieter

   R  E  A  L     E  S  T  A  T  E   
North San Diego County, California